Dobrovoľníctvo na konci leta v Londýne

woodc­raft Folk – vzde­lá­va­cie hnu­tie pre deti a mlá­dež – hľa­dá rôz­no­ro­dých dob­ro­voľ­ní­kov, kto­rí pomô­žu s príp­ra­vou medzi­ná­rod­né­ho mlá­dež­nic­ké­ho podu­ja­tia. Úloha dob­ro­voľ­ní­kov je rôz­no­ro­dá a s mož­nos­ťa­mi výbe­ru medzi logis­ti­kou, komu­ni­ká­ci­ou, príp­ra­vou podu­ja­tia a sku­pi­no­vou faci­li­tá­ci­ou. Dobrovoľník môže uplat­niť svo­je záuj­my v médiách, ume­ní, špor­te, sta­rost­li­vos­ti o deti, aktív­nom občian­stve ale­bo trva­lej udržateľnosti.


Pôvodný odkaz na ponuku nájdete tu.



pro­vi­de pro­ject sup­port for our lar­ge inter­na­ti­onal youth camp, hap­pe­ning in the UK in August 2022. The role is varied and people-​centred, with oppor­tu­ni­ties to cho­ose bet­we­en logis­tics and admin, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, event mana­ge­ment and group faci­li­ta­ti­on. We can offer fle­xi­bi­li­ty for the right volun­te­er. The volun­te­er can use the­ir inte­rests in media, arts, sports, child­ca­re, acti­ve citi­zens­hip or sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty. They will also have a wider role in our orga­ni­sa­ti­on in rai­sing awa­re­ness of ESC and Erasmus+, ent­hu­sing our mem­bers about European coope­ra­ti­on, sha­ring the­ir cul­tu­re and acting as a role model for chil­dren. Core res­pon­si­bi­li­ties: This will depend on the volun­te­ers’ own inte­rests and strengths. As the camp app­ro­aches, dif­fe­rent tasks will need to be com­ple­ted, vary­ing from equ­ip­ment logis­tics to inter­na­ti­onal enga­ge­ment, from food pro­vi­si­on to plan­ning camp prog­ram­me. The volun­te­er will join an event mana­ge­ment board con­sis­ting of UK and inter­na­ti­onal young adults.


The accom­mo­da­ti­on will be in London, with an expe­rien­ced local host fami­ly. The fami­ly will offer prac­ti­cal advi­ce and social inte­rac­ti­on but more impor­tan­tly the chan­ce for the volun­te­er to have the­ir own pri­va­cy and inde­pen­den­ce too. The volun­te­er can rece­i­ve a food allo­wan­ce to make the­ir own meals, as well as week­ly poc­ket money. Full induc­ti­on will be given to the UK and London tran­s­port sys­tems, tic­kets and per­so­nal safe­ty issu­es. During set-​up and dura­ti­on of the camp, the volun­te­er will be cam­ping at the event site. Equipment for this is provided.


There will be an orga­ni­sa­ti­onal induc­ti­on – one-​to-​one lear­ning, sha­do­wing staff, joining mem­ber mee­tings, inde­pen­dent rea­ding and IT-​induction. In-​country orien­ta­ti­on will be offe­red by EIL UK, dates to be con­fir­med. Our staff team will train the volun­te­er in our ethos, Safeguarding and Health and Safety. Regular revie­ws will help to iden­ti­fy furt­her trai­ning needs, for exam­ple in Food Hygiene, Finance Skills or run­ning resi­den­tials. The volun­te­er will bene­fit from a Mentor and has the opti­on of English clas­ses if needed.


Essential:●Eligible for ESC funding●Available from Sep 2021-​Sep 2022●Experience in youth work,(participant or as a leader)●Enthusiastic about volun­te­e­ring with others in brin­ging about social change●Able to coope­ra­te with others●Positive about the aims and prin­cip­les of the Woodcraft Folk & IFM-​SEI, Passionate about empo­we­ring other young peop­le & chil­dren. Desirable:Any skills in out­do­or acti­vi­ties, arts, sports, media, youth cul­tu­re or acti­ve citi­zens­hip, Personal expe­rien­ce of social exc­lu­si­on or disadvantage.