Youth Council of Slovakia

Youth Council of Slovakia unites non-govermental organisations, that work with children and young people. At the moment it consists of 33 registered civic associations and non profit organisations that unite over 40 000 children and young people.

YCS was created in 1990 as civic association and since then it works on state level. It advocates on behalf of children and youth organisations without regard to their political and religious views, nationality or ethnic origin.

Representation and support of members

YCS represents and coordinates needs of it΄s members in communication with state and public adminsitration. It participates in creating an enviroment that enables children and youth organisations to carry out their activities effectively and smoothly.

YCS also creates a network of organisations and associations active in youth area, supports their exchange of information and experiences, organises lectures, seminars and conferences, often with interantional visitors.


With YCM own projects, the Council is trying to support, appreciate and motivate organisations, as well as the wide public, towards further developement of work with children and youth.

Professional Publication and International activities

Professional papers on informal learning, youth participation and volunteering were until recently published in YCM magazine ZOOM. It΄s digital archive as well as new articles are available in Slovak on

In international cooperation YCM represents Slovakia in international organisations such as European Youth Forum.

72 hours

Project 72 hours aims to support volunteering in Slovakia since it΄s successful launch in autumn of 2010. YCM decided to continue this project with cooperation with neighbouring countries with the long and beloved tradition of  72 hours concept. This year 72 hours will happen on 19th to 21th October.
More info, pictures and videos can be found on

Most Award

Most Award is a moral appreciation of volunteer work awarded each year by YCM. It is recieved by organisations and their individual members as well as municipalities and enterprises, that support young people. Most means bridge in slovak language, which symbolizes the efforts of young people to come together and overcome obstacles.

United Nations Youth

One of YCM΄s traditional successful project is United Nations Youth, aimed to increase participation and activisation of young people. This worldwide project sends young delegates from each country to represent their voice at the United Nations General assembly. These chosen young people speak about youth issues with delegates from all over the world.

YCM administrates UN Youth in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak republic. 

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